MM04 - The BALANCIER engine

Technical details
Year of construction 1999
Power piston stroke 15 mm
  diameter 12 mm
Displacer piston stroke 15 mm
  diameter 20 mm
Flywheel  diameter 80 mm
  material aluminum 
Idle speed 160 rpm
Energy source alcohol
Mass 800g 


This engine was modeled after the HOG Microstirling which I had first seen in the Conrad catalog. As of today, several vendors offer this model for sale. The power piston consists of 12 mm round brass stock. I created the cylinder bore with a reamer. This is the first of my engines where I attempted to include a regenerator. The latter consists of thin copper wire placed directly below the power piston. Because of the large dead space, the effect of the regenerator is less than convincing.