MM05 - The GÜTTE engine

Technical details
Year of construction 1999
Power piston stroke 16 mm
  diameter 20 mm
Displacer piston stroke 16 mm
  diameter 20 mm
Flywheel  diameter 80 mm
  material PMMA
Idle speed 640 rpm
Energy source alcohol
Mass 500g 


In Udo Mannek's book "Heißluftmotoren IV" (Neckar-Verlag Villingen-Schwenningen; 1998 ISBN: 3-7883-065-3), I found a comprehensive chapter by Sven Gütte on his master craftsman's examination project "GT01". Meanwhile, I had acquired a lathe. Material availability necessitated several changes to the project. Eventually, I did away with the idea of using a ring burner running on lighter gas because temperature-induced tension in the glass made the top of the test tube crack repeatedly . Both cylinders are now in a horizontal position and the engine is powered by an alcohol burner. A switch lets me select if I want to run the motor in the base as a motor or as a generator. As a generator, it provides power to a 10 mm LED, which illuminates the gearbox. When the generator is turned on, engine load increases due to the electrical load and losses. This is reflected by the rpm dropping to 520.