MM08 - The CARLSON engine

Technical details
Year of construction 2000
Power piston stroke 20 mm
  diameter 30 mm
Displacer piston stroke 25 mm
  diameter 28 mm
Flywheel  diameter 68 mm
  material steel
Idle speed 530 rpm
Energy source alcohol
Mass 3060g 


Originally, this was supposed to become a flame eater engine which I had found on the Roy Ricewebsite. It was not the timing mechanism connected to the flywheel that proved troublesome, but the lack of graphite to manufacture the piston -- my cast iron piston kept rusting... And I had no intent of disassembling the engine for maintenance after each run. The end of the flame eater came when I ended up dismantling it completely, reusing the cylinder (the first one I had completely built by myself!) for another Stirling model, a larger version of Christer Carlson's engine. The idea of building a flame eater is still in my mind, especially since I located a vendor for graphite