MM15 - The Four Cylinder engine

Technical details
Year of construction 2001
Power piston stroke 10 mm
  diameter 10,5 mm
Displacer piston stroke 10 mm
  diameter 11 mm
Flywheel  diameter 43,5 mm
  material brass
Idle speed rpm
Energy source alcohol
Mass 400g 


While designing this new project, for which the idea was adapted from Ron Steele, there was only one problem: well fitting bevel wheels are hard to find and also considerably expensiv. Thus, I modified the gear by using cog-wheels instead. Referring to this, the function of the engine is especially interesting. The displacer cylinder is connected with the power cylinder respectivly placed on its left side by slant drill holes. The 90 shift of the piston movement is ensured by the respective arrangement of the crank pins. Nevertheless, it meant a remarkable efford and a lot of precision was necessary to mount all parts in order to prevent friction from increasing through insufficient parallelism. But now the engine runs very quietly and smoothly.