MM24 - The Heinrici engine

Technical details
Year of construction 2002
Power piston stroke 12 mm
  diameter 10 mm
Displacer piston stroke 13 mm
  diameter 16 mm
Flywheel  diameter 53 mm
  material brass
Idle speed 800 rpm
Energy source alcohol
Mass 320 g 


After finishing the little Falk engine I took up the idea of the Heinrici engine once more. I decided for the gamma type of this stirling engine. The displacer cylinder is made of stainless steel, provided with a copper bottom because of a better heat transfer. A cooling jacket surrounds its upper part and makes possible an evaporative cooling. The steel power piston moves very smoothly in a brass cylinder because of a dry graphite greasing. The crankshaft runs in ball bearings.