M27 - The Wanitschek-Flame-Eater water cooled

Technical details
Year of construction 2004
Power piston stroke 22 mm
  diameter 16 mm
Displacer piston stroke
Flywheel  diameter 62 mm
  material brass
Idle speed 1200 U/min - 200 U/min
Energy source alcohol
Mass 580 g 


Unfortunately, my second kit was incomplete, i.e. the water-cooling hardware was missing. Therefore, I constructed a cooler from scratch. Other model engineers had come to appreciate the benefits of outlet valves which were not controlled by the cam. I opted to use such a valve for this model. It is located in the exhaust stack and can be adjusted by a fine pitch thread on the top portion. The engine runs faster with this type of valve, since the remaining gas does not have to be vented against the tension of the head valve. As in the previous model, I opted for an eddy current brake for rpm adjustment.