M29 - The Quaddel-Daddel-engine

Technical details
Year of construction 2005
Arbeitskolben Hub 11 mm
  Durchmesser 4 mm
Schwungrad  Durchmesser 68 mm
  Material 6 Stck. Kugellagerkugeln 16mm
Leerlaufdrehzahl abhängig vom Druck, nicht gemessen
Masse 500 g 


Quite some time ago, a friend gave me drawings for the elbow engine. As the engine comprises only a handful of components, one would think that this is a quick build. Yet it does not take long to realize that utmost precision is essential when constructing this model: All components require meticulous orthogonal alignment to gurantee smooth operation. Due to its small size (the original version has  6 mm pistons), the engine needs a pressure of at least 14.5 psi [1 bar] to run smoothly, which also means at a pretty high rpm.