M30 - The flame-eater VM-4 

Technical details
Year of construction 2005
Arbeitskolben Hub 100 mm
  Durchmesser 50 mm
Schwungrad  Durchmesser 205 mm
  Material Grauguss
Leerlaufdrehzahl 200 U/min - 600 U/min
Heizung Spiritus
Masse 10 kg 


This engine was modelled after a design by Armin de Vries. The ultimate size was determined by the 205 mm diameter flywheels and the 50 mm hydraulic cylinder I had stashed away. Therefore, my version turned out to be two thirds larger than the original.
The increased displacement is responsible for the peculiar sound of the running engine, especially at low rpm. The rpm can be controlled by adjusting the length of the wick of the alcohol burner.