M33 - Tea light engine

Technical details
Year of construction 2006
Arbeitskolben Hub 4 mm
Durchmesser 4 mm
Schwungrad  Durchmesser 15 mm 
  Material Messing
Leerlaufdrehzahl nicht gemessen
Heizung Spiritus
Masse 160 g


I built the "tea light engine" after returning from the Sinsheim Steam Meet. As I did not have any drawings, I modelled the engine after the "Fidged engine".

The boiler was made from stainless steel tubing brazed to a copper base plate with inward pointing fins. This  guarantees good heat conduction between flame and water.
The engine could be powered by a tea light, but the soot collecting on the base of the boiler would dramatically impair heat conduction. Therefore, I use a small alcohol burner fashioned from a plumbing pipe end cap.