M36 - thermoacoustic engine

Technical details
Year of construction 2007
Power piston stroke 32 mm
  diameter 15,5 mm
Flywheel  diameter 48 mm
  material steel
Idle speed unmeasured
Energy source alcohol
Mass 820 g 


I got the idea from the Internet -- keyword: "lamina flow engine". The plans were drawn up by Rudy Memin, a recognized French expert on Stirling engines.
The engine functions because a standing wave inside the cylinder transfers energy to the piston. I measured the engine rpm with several cylinder lengths and found that the rpm is proportional to the length of the cylinder.

Since an airtight gas syringe was used to fashion cylinder and piston, the piston is maximally airtight and moves freely. The burner was made from brazed stainless steel parts. By now, I only use stainless steel mesh wicks.

A video clip of the engine can be watched on Youtube.