M38 - Otto - Deutz - four stroke engine 1895

Technical details
Year of construction 2008
Power piston stroke 36 mm
  diameter 25 mm
Flywheel  diameter 200 mm 
  material cast iron
Idle speed 200 - 1600 U/min
Energy source Aspen 2T
Mass 6700 g 


Heinz Kornmüller's cast iron kit formed the basis for this engine. I started to build this model with the small Rotwerk lathe and mill which I later ended up replacing. Because of small inconsistencies in the drawings and my limited metal working experience, I had to redo several of the smaller components. For the valves, I eventually built completely new cases with modified valve guides. 
After one year, the engine was ready for its first test run. Subsequently, after complete disassembly and a paint job, it refused to run.  
Success did not come until I replaced the carburetor by the type Jan Ridders describes on his model engineering pages. Now the model runs reliably and the rpm is easily controlled.

A video clip of the engine is available on Youtube.