Hugo Lindner
how it works


Some less fortunate people need to build their models in a broom cabinet that doubles as a makeshift workshop. I built a small workshop in my basement and kept upgrading it. The lathe and the Rotwerk vertical mill turned out to be the most valuable machines. By now, both have been replaced by larger ones.
Quantum 250 x 400

Distance between centers: 450 mm
Center height: 125 mm
Internal spindle diameter: 21 mm
Three-jaw chuck: d = 125mm
RPM: Infinitely variable by frequency converter
Lead screw travel rate: 0.1 - 3.5 mm/rotation
Motor power: 750 W / 400 V
Mass: 96 kg

Wabeco F1210E

Spindle motor: 230 V / 1.4 kW
Spindle RPM:  140 - 3000
Milling table: x = 500 mm; y = 180 mm
Spindle travel: 280 mm
Quill angle: -90 - 90
Spindle bore: MT#2
Mass: 107 kg

After a while, one keeps adding useful machine accessories, e.g. the digital calipers that I later equipped my mill and lathe with and that made machining so much easier.
To the lathe, I also added a tumbler gear for changing the direction of turn.

By now, I have reached my ultimate goal -- upgrading both machines to CNC. Details can be found under "Projects".